Welcome Affiliates!

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Step 1: Go To "My Account" And Navigate To Your Affiliate Panel

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Step 2: Find "Creatives"

Under the “Creatives” tab for your affiliate panel, you will find your affiliate links. The highlighted link below is your affiliate link. With this link, anyone who purchases using your affiliate link will generate you 25% commission off of that sale. 

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Step 3: Promote Specific Products/Services (optional)

if you want to promote a specific product/service, then you will have to generate a referral URL. For example, if you want to promote the “1000 Slow YouTube Views”, you would then copy that link address and paste it in the “Referral URL Generator”. 

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Paste The Link And Generate Referral URL

After you generate the referral URL, you will then use that link to promote the specific product/service that you chose! If you have any questions, please contact us via seo@cheapyoutubeservices.com!



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